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Every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm is eyes down for bingo time.
Come and join us for a fun bingo and a lovely cuppa and snack afterwards! There is a shuttle wagon leaving a few minutes before 2pm from outside the stage 2 dining room.
Olive is the number caller.
Cost is $ 3.00 per card for 10 games (usually about 1 hour).
All meals are provided for. Our main meal is served at lunch time. It is freshly cooked 7 days a week and includes seasonal vegetables and meats. After guests have eaten they can select their dinner from a wide variety of frozen home made meals and fruits. Breakfast and dinner is eaten at the guests leisure.
Upon request cleaning can be arranged for a small fee. In rooms and units bed linen is provided for and changed once a week.
There are numerous external services available to assist residents like But they have all be arranged by you or your carer. We can only provide with their phone numbers.
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