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  • We take great pride in preparing lunch fresh daily. See our current menu further down on this page.
  • There is selection of cereals and breads with spreads available for breakfast.
  • After lunch is served a selection of home made frozen foods is available to take into your room or unit and eat when you feel hungry. Alternatively there are several take sways within a short walking distance.

To see real pictures of the meals we prepare and serve at Westminster House click here.
We are fully accredited and approved with the Gold Coast City Council as a Fixed Food Premises. To see our current Cerificate of License click here.
This is subject to change without notice and is often changed daily depending on what was available at the markets
Day Choice Description
Tuesday, 19/12/17 1 Pickled pork
2 Beef sausages
Wednesday, 20/12/17 1 Chicken drumsticks
2 Meat ravioli and tomato sauce
Thursday, 21/12/17 1 Lamb chops
2 Quiche
Friday, 22/12/17 1 Beef stew
2 Curried eggs
Saturday, 23/12/17 1 Salmon bake mornay
2 Savoury mince
Sunday, 24/12/17 1 Beef lasagne
2 Chicken drumsticks
Monday, 25/12/17 1 Pork sausages and onion gravy
2 Beef cold cut
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