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Information about Retirement Village

Which level of retirement village are you looking for?

There are four levels of village care accommodation.

  1. Independent Living Accommodation
  2. Assisted Living Accommodation (Westminster House)
  3. Low Level Care - Hostel Care
  4. High Level Care - Aged Care Facility

Some retirement villages cater for all levels of care, where residents can progress from one section of the complex to the next when their needs or situation changes. Others operate independently and specialise just in one area of retirement village accommodation.

Overview on the level of care other Retirement Villages offer residents

To clarify and assist you with your decision making, we have compiled a brief overview for each level of care or services provided by retirement villages across Queensland and other states.

Independent Living Accommodation

Independent Living Accommodation - This is where residents are totally independent. They are able to look after themselves without any support or assistance. A retirement village of this nature would probably have 3 bedroom units or apartments.

People seeking this kind of independent Living accommodation are often travellers or those who want a low maintenance facility without the hassle of taking care of gardens and maintaining the family home.

Assisted Living Accommodation

Assisted Living Accommodation is a retirement village where people are able to live independently in a community that offers smaller studio or one bedroom suite accommodation with all meals provided. There is also the added security of on-site managers or staff who are available 24 hours to give assistance and medical support.

These people can still be active members of the community or people who like to have the peace and security of knowing there is assistance close by. All meals are catered for, accommodation is low maintenance, and the residents are able to live independently but with a little assistance.

Westminster House comes under this category and offers excellent assisted living accommodation.

Low Level Care - Hostel Care

Low Level Care - Hostel Care - more personal care services

Accommodation for Low Level Care provides personal care services 24/7. All meals are supplied, and bedding, laundry and cleaning is taken care of by the hostel. Daily living like bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, mobility and communication is carried out with assistance.

Accommodation may be in shared wards or a private single room. Medication administration is monitored; equipment may be used to assist in treatment, mobilisation, procedures or rehabilitation support. There may be also support for people who have memory loss.

Assistance is provided to obtain outside health and therapy services that are not facilitated within the hostel itself.

High Level Care - Aged Care Facility

High Care - Aged Care Facility (previously known as Nursing Home)

High Care facilities are nursing type services that provide extended personal care with 24/7 assistance.

All meals are supplied; bedding, laundry and cleaning is carried out in the aged care facility. Daily living like bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, mobility and communication, and administration of medication is all managed by the staff.

Specialised equipment and services are available, including lifting devices to assist with mobility, specialised nursing procedures, oxygen and oxygen equipment, the managing of incontinence, and the provision of therapy services.

Not all residents in these facilities require high dependence management and the level of service provided by the centres can vary between both low and high level care.

Financial information service

You can access the free financial information service for pensioners through CentreLink. This information is open to anyone and allows you to make educated decisions about investment and financial concerns for your individual needs.

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